I was struggling this morning so I decided to start digging for tunes that might wake me the fuck up. It was quite fortuitous then that Chris.SU’s new EP, Solar Eclipse, arrived when it did. Lots of big tunes on the EP but the standout, to me, is The Arrow. Techy, heavy, and mean. Exactly […]

So, I went on another one of my scavenger hunts, continuing my search for the illusive ear worm and found a gem in a Dieselboy set from 2005, recorded in Victoria, BC. Here’s what I’ve pieced together–Shortly after Damien Marley put out his album in 2005, this was released by Dub Rock, but Rolldabeats credits Ray […]


Music seems to find me when things are swirling around me and I need it most. Such is the case when Kimyan Law’s new LP, Zawadi, arrived last week. I have no idea what allows a 21 year old Congolese-Austrian to tap into the emotions of a late-30s white male in Texas, but he’s done […]