I cannot stop listening to this fucking song, despite the fact that it’s incredibly depressing and epitomizes melancholy. The song is about suicide and Vic’s struggle with wanting to die due to his quadriplegia. He gave an interview to NPR where he spoke about his suicide attempts at length. 24 days later, he succeeded. [Wiki]


I’ve talked about the Blind Music project in the past. I think it’s a really cool idea involving solidly produced tunes by unknown persons in order to remove the “hype” that comes with name recognition. I have some ideas about who the producer(s) might be on the project, but I’ll let the tunes ride and […]


Every season there are a slew of mixes meant to reflect the coming months, and for my money, the winter versions are the best of them. I can appreciate an uptempo Summer vibed mix and the shiny, happier tunes used in them, but being a huge fan of the deeper melodies, winter mixes just hit […]


I’m not sure how I managed to miss this mix yesterday, but I did…this is the drum & bass sound that I, essentially, grew up on. And my favorite DJ is playing it…doesn’t get much better than that. Tracklist: Goldie – Still Life (Photek Remix) (Razors Edge) Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs Remix (Razors Edge) […]