In case you haven’t heard, Dallas is about to have a brand new 15,000 square foot record store (as in on those big 12 inch things made from vinyl) right off of Josey Lane and 635 appropriately called, Josey Records. The store owners, JT Donaldson, Luke Sardello, and Waric Cameron are all well versed in the language of crate digging and playing records. With their combined, long history of making beats, pushing beats and mixing beats in Dallas and beyond, these guys know what  record lovers want.

Music is their business, period.

The Dallas Morning News did a nice piece on the new joint complete with pictures right here. You bet your dubplates we’ll be stopping by to check out the new store just as soon as it opens!



This Noodles interview on FACT is well worth a look > “Go back to go forward”: Underground legend Noodles on UK garage, acid house and the benefits of dog-loaning

Noodles’ influence on music in London runs deep:

“Well, the scene was built around us in the shop in some ways, because like I say, we were the filter. If it didn’t get past us – and this was true for all record shops really – then you wouldn’t find it anyway, so it didn’t get played. Literally, we were the catalyst for it. All of us were DJs’ DJs – DJing TO the DJs – from City Sounds to Rhythm Division to Record Village to Black Market to Zoom to Uptown: all of us. All of us played the role, because that was our job. Our job was to pick quality music, so we provided the building blocks.”


Noodles – August 2014, from FACT Magazine

I also thought it was pretty cool to hear about my new neighborhood Camberwell in Noodles’ backstory (I’m moving to St. Giles Road in two weeks!):

“I’d say about the age of 14, maybe 15 – local discos in the Camberwell, Walworth Road area. There was a thing called St Giles’s club, which I think is on the Brandon Estate over by Kennington. A couple of guys from the estate would bring their records down there and play eighties soul in this club, all the girls on one side, all the boys on the other, a few people in the middle but all the cool people round the edges listening to Shalamar and all that stuff. Those who could mix, mixed, those who couldn’t just did it dad style, drop the needle on the groove.”

I’m days behind on this one, but it’s a banger so it has to get a push from us! Blessed with crisp drums, a tinge of early Metalheadz flavor, and ragga vibes, Come With It is killing it for me. Best of all, it’s totally free!

Thanks to Breakage and Digital Soundboy for the download.

Omar Souleyman is truly at home in the Just Jam studio:


Omar Souleyman on Just Jam

Omar Souleyman on Just Jam


Again, we’re going off-script to showcase the darkside of country music with a mix from Bobby Dale (formerly known as Grommit). Featuring tunes about rampant alcoholism, the devil, gettin’ fucked up, and bum railing…it’s everything you could ever want in outlaw country music without ever knowing you wanted it.

A compilation of some beer drinkin’, hell raisin’, rowdy tunes I put together using Technics, CDJ-800, and veins full of country lovin’, Texan blood.

Track listing:
Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real
Ruby Ann – Train to Satanville
Hank III – Thrown Out of the Bar
Johnny Paycheck – I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
Sturgill Simpson – Railroad of Sin
Whitey Morgan – I Ain’t Drunk
Dale Watson – I Lie When I Drink
Whitey Morgan – Turn Up the Bottle
Johnny Paycheck – Stay Away from the Cocaine Train
Mickey Gilley – Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time
DAC – Fuckin in the Butt
Hank III – Cocaine Blues
Sturgill Simpson – Life of Sin
Waylon Jennings – Ramblin’ Man
Nikki Lane – Seein’ Double
Unknown Hinson Show Theme
Unknown Hinson – Sweet Pain
Ernest Tubb – Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint
Eddie Noack – Psycho
Porter Wagner – The Rubber Room
Satan is Real outro

There seems to be some confusion around what funky was exactly. Don’t let that other shit fool you – this is the real deal right here.

Mixed by DJ Pioneer, hosted by Terror Danjah with intro from D Double E  - 2010.

Dj Pioneer special guest mix by Terror Danjah on Mixcloud

Amerigo Gazaway has made quite the name for himself by mashing up hip-hop and soul or jazz artists to create entirely new albums. In the past we featured his Fela Soul production and I tried to get the first part of Yasiin Gaye: The Departure album before it was taken down several months ago. Instead we’ll have to link you up to “side two,” of the Marvin Gaye vs. Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey) creation. Here’s Yasiin Gaye: The Return.


Download Here (requires an email address)

Quentin Hiatus is about to release a new EP, Conspirators, on Free Love Digital and as an enticement for it he’s giving away a lil sliding drumfunk number called Save The Planet. Grab the freebie then click below to hear the rest of the EP.

Over the weekend 1Xtra went all-in on a big soundclash between Hospital, Ram, Shogun Audio, and Viper. As a neutral listener, I don’t know how anyone can think Shogun Audio didn’t mash ‘em all down, but all the labels went full bore. And that bootleg session…sheeeit!

Also…drum & bass has its roots in reggae culture and it is a soundclash so expect the MCs to make themselves heard.

Download Link
Alternative Download Link

Elijah & Skilliam visited the Invisible Jukebox in The Wire last month – great interview, and inspired me to dig out some of their older sets.

Here they are on RinseFM in February, 2010. If you want to remember that hype grime sound of 2010, with a little of the ‘purple’ sound…this one will bring it all back.

Also happens to be the first mix I favorited on Mixcloud.

Elijah & Skilliam – Rinse FM 14th Feb 2010 by Elijah & Skilliam on Mixcloud