Calibre – ‘Dreamz’ Dub EP – CIA

For the fans of “Liquid” DnB there are not many artists that bring the same weight of expectation as Calibre.  Spanning from ‘Musique Concrete’ to present release he has always delivered, with a wide range of styles and across multiple labels, yet always maintaining a level of quality that most could only hope for.

After a brief hiatus, Calibre returns with a release on CIA, featuring four tracks that all differ in delivery but yet still maintain his unique sound.

Another – We kick off with a nice chord arrangement before introducing a rolling break and a trademark echo/dub vocal.  Then after a brief pause, the bass drops and we are introduced to all components working perfectly together to deliver an absolute delight.  The bass is the key ingredient in all of this carrying you through the tune, with the hypnotic break keeping you in time and vocal sample adding that perfect complement.

Posh Boy –  Clearly keen to show off the full range of his talents, the next track delivers something different.  This one has a little more bite to it, although the bass is still the key element, it does give that feel like it’s growling at your throughout.  The soulful chords are replaced by some well delivered filters.  With the metronome style beat, this is perfect for turning the temperature up on your crowd.

Dreamz Dub – A slow drum track starts, accompanied by a looped rain sample and drawn out chords.  Then the bass hits us like a thunder-clap, echoing around the track.  As the title suggests, this is a dub delight with a rolling bassline that dominates, with sporadic horn and amen samples being triggered to give it that complete feel.  We’ve seen this knowledge of Dub music displayed by Calibre before and again in my opinion he gets it the two combinations right.

Believe it – The final track dives straight into a clean rolling break, accompanied by a female vocal sample, with those characteristic chords drawing you in.  Then as you have come to expect the bass comes in, adding that extra drive to an already tidy track.  While it may seem like a familiar combination to fans of his work, there is no arguing with the quality and uniqueness of the delivery.

Overall this is exactly what I expected, a very solid and varied EP.  It maintains that characteristic feel and adds another entry to the increasing list of great releases Calibre has delivered to us.  Personally, I hope this will be the first of many more releases by him over what remains in 2015 and into 2016.

I’d love to hear what you think of the EP in the comments section below.

Signal – Binary Vol. 7 (Critical Music)

Can you remember what you were doing on your 15th birthday ? Jonathan Kievit (aka Signal) was producing top quality DnB tracks, that further illustrate how bright the future of this genre is.

In my opinion Signal is already showing the calibre and potential to join the likes of fellow countrymen Noisia and Lenzman, as a buy on sight producer. His latest EP on Critical is a prime example of this with on point production and crisp delivery throughout each track.

My pick goes to the last track, entitled Omega Point, which has a beautiful rolling break throughout accompanied by some very ominous sounding chords. Topped off beautifully with a driving bassline that feels like it would force people to sit up and take notice off any set it featured in.

Just a quick note on Critical and shout out head honcho Kasra for the consistent, quality releases they provide us with. Without doubt a premier label and one to track if you aren’t already.

Chimpo – Backslang EP

A new Chimpo EP, Backslang always means a unique blend of bass music styles, heavy beats, lyrical wit….and maybe some monkey symbolism. He hits on all of those points with Backslang. I especially love Sneaky Cheeky…so good.

You can listen to all four tracks and buy the EP HERE.

Evolcast 011 – hosted by Gigantor

The backlogue to my mix list keeps growing. I am a long-time fan of Evol Intent and most of their offshoots. Gigantor keeps feeding his fanbase with free tunes and crunching podcasts and doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. This week, the podcast features their new signee Bl4ck Owlz, new Noisia and Upbeats collab, new Doctrine, and some fresh WIPs just to name a few. Check it out.

Commix – Painted Smile – Free tune

So, I’m about 5 months late on this one, but just heard it in a Mako mix and had to find out what it was. I couldn’t find it in my archives or in any streaming service, luckily it was a free download from Metalheadz. Enjoy.

Here’s the Mako mix

Dispatch095 – SCAR – Silent Witness & Survival

Ant TC1’s Dispatch Recordings has long been a favored label here at SB HQ. Whether it’s a new release or their plethora of mixes we’re all over it like white on rice. For instance, a quick search shows 26 instances of Dispatch release mentions or mixes in the last two years! Now the label is rapidly approaching it’s 100th release and #95, by SCAR and Silent Witness & Survival, is proudly carrying the banner with Scattered Moments/Skank Demon.

SCAR, aka Script & Survival, are old hats in the drum & bass world under a variety of production duos and aliases (today I learned that Survival was Banaczech on Partisan). And since the duo began their collaboration as SCAR they’ve enjoyed immense success with releases on Metalheadz, Dispatch, 31, and Horizons. Now they swoop back into formation on Skank Demon. A heady stomper featuring Visionobi working out the tempo-setting vocals. It opens with a lengthy War of the Worlds warhorn and dirty radio static, before Visionobi even begins building the break. Next thing you know it’s dropping a filthy bassline and you might actually end up skanking.

Survival sets aside his collab with Script to take back up with another old partner, Silent Witness, for Scattered Moments (also featuring Visionobi). More of a rolling tremor than Skank Demon, it uses bongos as its crispy backing beat. Layered over that are Visionobi’s vocals accompanied by a chopped and screwed male vocal. Both tracks shame the dance.

Survival & Silent Witness / SCAR – Scattered Movements/Skank Demon – Dispatch – Out 21 August

As an added enticement, SCAR recently did a mix for Friction’s DNB60 show on Radio 1.

Still can’t get enough Dispatch? Then CLICK HERE for more mixes, tunes, and content from them.

EHL – Warm Communications Promo Mix – August 2015

Another EHL promo mix has hit the streets! (finally!)

EHL: “Part 1 of a new Warm Communications promo mix. Featuring forthcoming music on the label, alongside some other familiar pieces you fine folks hopefully enjoy. Part 2 in the works & coming shortly. :)

Tracklisting will be posted at a later date. Although we think you all will be able to fill in some of them.

Hope you all enjoy the mix. This one goes a bit harder than Part 2 will. Which will showcase more smoother sides.”

Coy West – Deep Heat (Summer 2015)

We are in the dog days of summer here in Austin where temps are routinely reaching 100° F (38° C) plus everyday. That means you’re either sitting inside enjoying some AC or outside by the pool. Texas-native, Coy West put together this mix (the fifth in his Deep Heat series) to mesh nicely with pool time. Featuring a nice blend of funk and soul house selections, it’s bouncy and fun and makes our heat marginally more bearable.


Funky Rydim – Groove Assassin
English Rose – Jimpster
Folk Og Ferie – De Fantastiske To, Ost
Da Onda – Sonz Of The Pitch
Why Are U So Mad – Adri Block
Magic Vibe – MOD & Staffan Thorsell
I Can Feel Your Body Rock (JN Pianohead Dub) – Joey Negro
Put Me On – Demarkus Lewis, Luigi Egitto
Take You There (Cubase Dan Remix) – Homero Espinosa, Tobirus Mozel
Acamar – Frankey, Sandrino
Movement – Tim Andresen
Idea – Studioheist
Let Me Show You The Way – Studioheist
You Got This (You Got Groove Dub) – Real Deep, Jaidene Veda, MdCL
We Lost The Night – Fred Everything

Noisia Radio

I love the name and idea behind this. I previously told you about their Thump set where they just played whatever they’ve been digging lately. Well, apparently they turned it into a series. The best part of this series is the varying genres and commentary surrounding some of the tracks. Enjoy!

Anile – 5 Quick Questions

Anile’s debut album Perspective is now available in all it’s glory from Med School Music (click to stream on Spotify and click here to buy) and he was kind enough to stop down to answer five quick questions.

1. Now that Perspective is out are you feeling relieved, excited, or ready to start all over again?

I’m feeling like I can breath again. I’ve spent the last 14 months in the studio at every possible hour I could find and it took its toll on me. I can honestly say it was worth it as the feedback has been incredible and I’m so lucky to be a part of the Med School & Hospital Records gang who have pushed me to feel confident enough to create a project such as this.

2. Are any of these tracks particularly personal or is there a story behind their creation? Do you have a particular favorite?

Without doubt my favorite is Stay With Me. The track is literally the simplest tune Ive ever made yet most probably in my opinion the most emotional and heart felt. It really for me sums up everything I love about DNB and I feel accomplished for making such a track. The album itself feels right and most honest. There’s nothing extravagant or over whelming, neither is there anything on that album Ive created that doesn’t represent me as a producer. When I first set out to create an album I only dreamt this is how it was to sound. It might not be the most loved style of dnb in this day and age surrounded by commercialism and popularity. What matters is its content and understanding as an artist which I feel I’ve done (I hope). lol.

3. I read on twitter that DRS’ lyrics for City of Injustice were rescued from the proverbial scrapheap. Can you provide a bit of back-story on how that came about?

Yeah basically I wrote Depths for DRS’s second album which had those vocals on. We all agreed that the track suited an instrumental only. The vocals were then forgotten about, It was only when I started to listen back the content of the vocals were far from the scrap heap and needed to be heard. City Of Injustice was born around the vocals and its content just fitted the current times regarding austerity measures etc..

4. Top 5 Fleetwood Mac tunes of all time?

Tuffy… this ones got me thinking such a cracking question I must say!!!….

1. Gold Dust Woman (Link)
2. Gypsy (Link)
3. Seven Wonders (Link)
4. Rhiannon (Link)
5. Stevie Nicks- Edge Of Seventeen (Is this allowed?! Not exactly Fleetwood Mac…) (Link)

[Editor’s Note: We’ll allow the Stevie Nicks solo tune, but c’mon man, no Landslide?!]

5. What’s next for Anile?



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