No, this isn’t the latest drum & bass smasher from an unknown UK producer. It’s a story told by Wisconsinite Peter Mulvey that puts the likelihood of interacting with intelligent life in the universe into a bit of perspective.

Food for thought. Enjoy life.

Massive hat tip to the folks over at DJ Tech Tools for this fascinating, and eye-opening, interview with Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews.

Here are a few of the bits I found particularly compelling:

DJ Tech Tools: How important is bass to dance music?

Tony Andrews: ….Below 90 or 100 Hz, bass becomes more of a physical thing. It vibrates specific organs. It vibrates our bones. It causes minor molecular rearrangement, and that is what makes it so potent as a force in dance music. The molecular vibration caused by bass is what gives dance music its power. It is what makes dance music so pleasurable to hear through a proper soundsystem.

Do you think we are close to constructing the perfect soundsystem?

We’ll never get a soundsystem that is perfect. Unless maybe we ionize the air by heating it to 20,000 degrees so that we can directly modulate the plasma, using magnetic fields. Until that happens, soundsystems will continue to be as imperfect as the world that we live in.

How would you go about tuning a bedroom DJ soundsystem?

The first thing I’d do is work out the best spot for the speakers. Try different distances from the wall and different walls if you can. The height is important, too. Most speakers will have a tweeter and a woofer. When you’ve set up your speakers, if they’re above you, the tweeter will arrive later than the woofer, and vice versa. You should try and get your speakers at the perfect eye and ear level. That space in between the tweeter and the woofer should be right in the middle of your eyes, ideally, so that the woofer and tweeter frequencies arrive at the same time.

Once you’ve chosen your spot for the speakers, put a blanket on the ceiling just above where you are mixing, and if there’s a wall alongside you, put another blanket on it, too. That will dampen any reflections, which you want to try and eliminate. You just want to hear the sound from the speakers and not reflections from walls.

Finally, make sure that you haven’t placed your speakers in a spot that wipes out the bass. That can happen quite easily. A room is just a big speaker cabinet, and if you’re unfortunate to get your bass in the wrong place, you can cancel it out.

I’ve taken an extended break from just about everything due to being sick as a dog, but I’m feeling a bit better tonight and saw A-Sides posted up a download to the Eastside Sessions Gulf of Mexico Special. Get it.

Eastside Sessions Gulf of Mexico Special

I don’t normally get to listen to much music on Sundays because of the long list of “honey do’s” that eat my day, but I took a few minutes to sit down and listen to Sam Binga’s Hyponik mix from last week.

From Hyponik (with a massive hat tip):
Whilst maintaining it’s fundamental elements, the essence of the of the 160-170 BPM music bracket or DnB spectrum has been fluctuating wildly in recent times. It’s ongoing evolution is as relevant, infectious and omnipotent as ever. Drawing in the influences of Chicago’s Footwork, Juke and Ghetto House sounds, the big guns at Exit Records, Critical, Metalheadz et al., continue to be the pioneering forces shaping these sounds. Constantly pushing the boundaries and making it impossible for any sort of categorical box to even enter this conversation.

Down in the trenches along the fringes of the war-zone, Sam Binga has been doing a first rate job in cutting his teeth, chugging out bombs alongside mainstays like Om Unit & Addison Groove, he has left his mark on the field and has earned his stars to garner huge support behind this alias. We thought it fitting time to recruit the man for the latest instalment of the 7 Wonders series. His selection features new and unreleased music from Om Unit, Coleco, Illum Sphere, FKA Twins, Special Forces, Sappo plus collaborations with Fracture and Hyponik favourite Deft. Enough talk, check out the fine arsenal of weaponry below.

01. VIP Sleep (lovin u) – HomeSick – Footwork Jungle
02. Om Unit & MoreSounds – Nuff Music – Cosmic Bridge (Dub)
03. Coleco – Nineteen Double X – (Dub)
04. Sam Binga – Elastic – Critical (Dub)
05. PFS ft Crazy D – Speakers Shake (Great Dane RMX) – Workhouse Digital
06. Nonfuture – Embrace – PHYLA
07. HMP – Runin – Frontline
08. Sinistarr & Silent Dust – The Chant – None60
09. Om Unit – Timelines – Metalheadz (Dub)
10. Rude Bwoy Monty – Jungle Man – Frontline
11. Sam Binga & Deft ft Redders – Steppin – Critical (Dub)
12. Danny Scrilla – Obeah – (Dub)
13. Illum Sphere – Psycho (DDT RMX) – (Dub)
14. Fracture & Sam Binga – Grippin’ Grain – Exit (Dub)
15. Addison Groove ft DJ Die – 167 Trek – 50 Weapons
16. Sam Binga & Redders – Lef Dem – Critical
17. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit RMX) – 31 Records
18. Special Forces – The Bleeps Tune – Photek Productions
19. Alix Perez & Stray – Rip & Dip – (Dub)
20. CHVRCHES – Recover (Sam Binga RMX) – Virgin (Dub)
21. Dub Phizix ft Chimpo & Fox – Narrow Eyes – Soul:R
22. Sappo – Hard On – Advisory
23. FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify – Young Turks

Music Nation is a 5-part documentary covering underground music scenes in Britain. A collaboration between Dazed Magazine and Channel 4 the series takes in “all the key players, fashions and music from five iconic underground scenes – UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk and Balearic.” (Dazed).

>> Watch the full-length Brandy & Coke documentary

Photo by Ewen Spencer

UKG – Photo by Ewen Spencer

The first episode, Brandy & Coke, was directed by photographer Ewen Spencer and aired in the UK today on Channel 4. Tracing formative musical influences in the early days of the genre and tracking its journey into the mainstream, we’re presented with a bright future for the music – back in the underground where it began and where it still thrives today.

Ewen Spencer recently released a book of his photography titled UKG, available to purchase on his website. Vice kindly shared a choice few images from the book: The soul of UK Garage, as photographed by Ewen Spencer  [Update: UKG sold out on April 4th but the special edition is still available.]

More from Dazed Digital:
What we wore: UK Garage
The Brandy & Coke Playlist
Garage Day

Video: Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold 

Continuing our tribute to the Godfather of House Music, Radio 1 dug up Frankie Knuckles’ Essential Mix from Ibiza in 2000. Get it while you can.

The Godfather of House music has passed away at the age of 59. Rest in peace, Frankie.

American girls’ favorite dj/producer John B lays out a fresh new podcast mix for us all. Catch one of my all time favorite tunes by Trace for the history lesson track in the mix. Enjoy!!


1. Away – Frankee
2. Better Days – L-Side & Andrezz
3. Fear of Letting Go ft. DRS – Calibre
4. Cinematic Departures – Need For Mirrors & HLZ
5. Scourge ft. Victim – Dose
6. ETV – Aeph
7. We’re Here – Terravita & Obsidian
8. Disrupted – Emperor & Mefjus
9. Armoured – Adeh
10. Sexy Beam – Quadrant & D-Struct
11. Cold Harsh Air (ft. Total Science & Grimm) – S.P.Y. *** BIG TUNE ***
12. Dusty Fingers (ft. Diane Charlemagne) – S.P.Y.
13. After Hours – DJ Trace *** HISTORY LESSON ***
14. Red Lights ft. Shaz Sparks – John B
15. Fast Life – State of Mind

Dj Zinc needs no introduction as he is one of the most crucial figures in Drum and Bass History as a member of Tru Playaz. Super Sharp Shooter? 138 Trek? Fugees or Not Bootleg? I could on and on with the classic tunes this man has produced but he has given us an incredible mix series going all the way back to 1986 and runs up to 1990 era music. The mix is broken down into parts and he has showcased an incredible amount of music across 8 parts so far. We step into every genre and you can hear elements and new sounds taking shape and also the mix includes the first releases and tunes by many producers/djs that are now considered legends. Anyone who is a fan of dance music should take a listen to this series and enjoy it. Fans of Acid House, classic Electro, House all the way to those fans of the early Reninforced sound. Yes, Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare makes an appearance!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

We are unapologetic Warm Communications fanboys around these parts, so when EHL decides he’s going to put together a mix it’s an insta-download and an insta-share on the blog. This time I’m a few days behind thanks to work, life, and watching my kid learn to sit on his own. Hopefully EHL forgives me for my lack of dedication to the cause…

via EHL:
In celebration for the debut release of WARM029 by Villem & Mcleod, label head has done this promo mix. WARM029 is out fully everywhere Monday March 24 on 12″ & digital formats.

As always a mix of past, present & forthcoming music. We hope you all enjoy the mix!

(*school girl giggle* he put Jonny L’s 2 of Us in the mix!!!)

Klute – Solar Heat – Samurai Music
Villem & Mcleod – Think That I’m Yours – Warm Communications
Synkro – Fading Lights – R&S/ Apollo
Unknown – Unknown – Warm Communications
Thing – Untouched – 31 recs
Homemade Weapons – Shao Kahn – Unreleased
DBR UK & Genotype – The Fog Off – Unreleased
Unknown – Unknown – Warm Communications
M-zine, Skepticz & Mwtn – Cobra – Unreleased
Seba – Mesmerism – Secret Operations
Fre4knc – Tellurian – Samurai Music
Skeptical – Turning Point 2 – Soul:r
Reza – Unknown Feelings – Metalheadz
Jonny L – 2 Of Us – XL
Hidden Agenda – Far Out – Metalheadz
Om Unit – Reverse Logic – Civil Music
Blackjob – Rise Again (Sam Binga Remix) – Original Cultures
Villem & Mcleod – Putting Down Roots – Warm Communications

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