Again, we’re going off-script to showcase the darkside of country music with a mix from Bobby Dale (formerly known as Grommit). Featuring tunes about rampant alcoholism, the devil, gettin’ fucked up, and bum railing…it’s everything you could ever want in outlaw country music without ever knowing you wanted it.

A compilation of some beer drinkin’, hell raisin’, rowdy tunes I put together using Technics, CDJ-800, and veins full of country lovin’, Texan blood.

Track listing:
Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real
Ruby Ann – Train to Satanville
Hank III – Thrown Out of the Bar
Johnny Paycheck – I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
Sturgill Simpson – Railroad of Sin
Whitey Morgan – I Ain’t Drunk
Dale Watson – I Lie When I Drink
Whitey Morgan – Turn Up the Bottle
Johnny Paycheck – Stay Away from the Cocaine Train
Mickey Gilley – Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time
DAC – Fuckin in the Butt
Hank III – Cocaine Blues
Sturgill Simpson – Life of Sin
Waylon Jennings – Ramblin’ Man
Nikki Lane – Seein’ Double
Unknown Hinson Show Theme
Unknown Hinson – Sweet Pain
Ernest Tubb – Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint
Eddie Noack – Psycho
Porter Wagner – The Rubber Room
Satan is Real outro

There seems to be some confusion around what funky was exactly. Don’t let that other shit fool you – this is the real deal right here.

Mixed by DJ Pioneer, hosted by Terror Danjah with intro from D Double E  - 2010.

Dj Pioneer special guest mix by Terror Danjah on Mixcloud

Amerigo Gazaway has made quite the name for himself by mashing up hip-hop and soul or jazz artists to create entirely new albums. In the past we featured his Fela Soul production and I tried to get the first part of Yasiin Gaye: The Departure album before it was taken down several months ago. Instead we’ll have to link you up to “side two,” of the Marvin Gaye vs. Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey) creation. Here’s Yasiin Gaye: The Return.


Download Here (requires an email address)

Quentin Hiatus is about to release a new EP, Conspirators, on Free Love Digital and as an enticement for it he’s giving away a lil sliding drumfunk number called Save The Planet. Grab the freebie then click below to hear the rest of the EP.

Over the weekend 1Xtra went all-in on a big soundclash between Hospital, Ram, Shogun Audio, and Viper. As a neutral listener, I don’t know how anyone can think Shogun Audio didn’t mash ‘em all down, but all the labels went full bore. And that bootleg session…sheeeit!

Also…drum & bass has its roots in reggae culture and it is a soundclash so expect the MCs to make themselves heard.

Download Link
Alternative Download Link

Elijah & Skilliam visited the Invisible Jukebox in The Wire last month – great interview, and inspired me to dig out some of their older sets.

Here they are on RinseFM in February, 2010. If you want to remember that hype grime sound of 2010, with a little of the ‘purple’ sound…this one will bring it all back.

Also happens to be the first mix I favorited on Mixcloud.

Elijah & Skilliam – Rinse FM 14th Feb 2010 by Elijah & Skilliam on Mixcloud

Example Media badman, MernyWernz, turned me onto the new Steam night’s podcast done by emerging artists, Survey. Sick, 170bpm vibes that’s got me head nodding and shutting out the mess of societal ailments in the world.

Find out more about Steam Berlin Here and check out the Facebook Event page for the happs tomorrow night if you’re in Berlin.

In the wake of the death of Robin Williams, we at Shadowboxing would like to take a moment to give some pause for a topic that has struck an incredible chord here at home.

The vast tragedy in losing someone to suicide is the momentary, technicolor glimpse that for as far advanced a society we are, we still live in the dark ages of mental illness treatment.

You’d never hear anyone say “If he really loved his kids, he would have put that cancer behind him.” Yet if we substitute something like alcoholism or depression for cancer, you’d have statements that are way more commonplace. Even the most caring, well-meaning people hold beliefs about mental health that are wrought with ignorance and misunderstanding.

Suffering from mental illness is not an issue of willpower. It does not respond to a desire to be different or be rid of it. It has nothing to do with how much someone does or doesn’t want to be a normal, productive member of society. Depression doesn’t go away through “finding laughter” or even meaning in life. Alcoholism doesn’t go away from seeing the look in your child’s eyes and waking up to the problem.

Like cancer, mental illness is called an illness because there is a clinical problem and a need for a course of treatment. Unlike cancer, there is sadly very little agreement on which course of treatment is the most effective. Social stigma is still so powerful, most continue to suffer in silence. Explaining away the symptomatic behavior becomes even less helpful, as people dismiss issues such as alcoholism as being rooted in selfishness or apathy.

Like cancer, there is the possibility of the individual getting well and the illness going into remission pending continued treatment. Unlike cancer, when treatment isn’t sought or isn’t effective and someone dies as a result of mental illness, we’re “blindsided” and “shocked”.

The sad truth is that if your eyes are open at all, it’s not shocking that someone would die from mental illness. It’s tragic, unspeakably painful, littered with confusion and devastation. Suicide particularly leaves behind an unfathomable mess for anyone remotely affected. But when a person dies of mental illness, don’t call it shocking. What’s shocking is that we as a society are generally so blind to the writing on the wall and so uneducated about mental illness that it’s a giant surprise when the inevitable occurs.

Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. I hope you’ve found some shred of respite in the end of this life. Hopefully someday we will find a solution specific enough that we can open up as a society and begin truly providing the help that’s needed without the shroud of shame. Your life was cherished, but your death was surely preventable.

Nathan Vinall, aka Skynet, is a legend and we all know the labels and music he has done. He has been prepping a return to DNB over the last year and many of us, especially myself, have been waiting patiently for fresh material and he has not let us down! Nathan has just completed an interview and new mix for the Hard Bass Dealers Podcast series. The interview covers what he has been up to and such touching on Audio Blueprint, Underfire as well as his own label ventures. Enjoy!!!

The four tops – Reach out i´ll be there
_Rescue Me_ by Fontella Bass
New Order – Blue Monday

Side Effects – Stakka & Skynet
Decoy – Stakka & Skynet

1. Dom & Roland – Take them down Skynet Remix. (Exclusive Unreleased)
2. Skynet – Disorder. (Exclusive Unreleased)
3. Skynet – Organism. (Unreleased)
4. NC 17 & KC – Arboria. Released Eatbrain.
5. Dom & Roland – Merkling. (Exclusive Unreleased)
6. Optiv & Btk – Ground Shaker Feat Nuklear Mc. Released Virus.
7. NC17 – Galaxy. Released Nemesis
8. C4C – Ricochet. (Unreleased)
9. Inside Info & Mefjus – Mythos Vip
10. Skynet – Slave. (Exclusive Unreleased)
11. Skynet – Fractal. (Exclusive Unreleased)
12. Skynet – One Speed (Exclusive Unreleased)
13. Inside Info & Prolix – Transposed.
14. Dioptrics – Shatter Skynet Remix. Released Abducted
15. Dom & Roland – Dred Sound. (Exclusive Unreleased)
16. Dom & Roland – Remember Your Roots. (Exclusive Unreleased)

My longtime co-conspirator, fellow Shadowboxer, and best friend Adrian Scientia aka The Katalyst has just dropped a mix and interview for The Dallas Observer ahead of Doc Scott’s Dallas gig at It’ll Do Nightclub on Friday, August 8th.

Read all about Adrian’s history in Dallas/Fort Worth and his love of all things metal and drum & bass!