RinseFM 20/5/2015 w/ Scar & Nucleus

There are a lot of DNB collectives making waves these days. SCAR, being one of them, is comprised of Survival and Script who are quickly garnering some well deserved attention. Survival is known for his collabs with Silent Witness and, on occasion with bad boy Break, among various others. Script came into view for me with the collab he did with DLR to make the smasher Blue Room. In preparation for their 4th EP which is oddly ST, Survival stepped up to the deck for Rinse in this 2 hour set. The first track is off said EP, dropping on Metalheadz on June 1st.

Ivy Lab – Live @ Fabric 03.04.15

Fabric are teasing everyone with a segment of Ivy Lab’s set from the Critical Music night back on the 3rd of April. Their using the full set as an enticement for of their FabricFirst memberships. If that’s something that appeals to you (and it should if you’re a regular) then click the link, sign-up, and grab the full Ivy Lab set and a bunch of other schwag. Since I’m in Texas I’ll just have to make due with this 43 minute segment…on repeat.

Jonny Dub – LVLZ vs FBRCLV MX

When you love Manchester MCs and bass music but HATE vowels, you end up with the LVLZ vs FBRCLV MX from Jonny Dub.

Mr. Dub is a resident DJ over at Fabric and he put together this best-of-the-Manchester-MC-crew mix to highlight the LVL room 2 takeover on the 22nd of May. It’s gonna be a full house with Dub Phizix, the LEVELZ crew, Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, and the mighty DRS headlining.

Remember…all bass, no vowels.

Beats & Pieces – May 2015

This week’s releases are big, bad, and heavy…New Kimyan Law, new Symmetry LP, new Survey LP, SoulTrader001.

As always you can click OUT NOW to be taken to the various sites where you can purchase the tunes. Please support the artists and labels.

Kimyan Law – Daimyo VIP/Lavish/Chai – BMT Music – OUT NOW
Lush, luxurious, lavish…three “L” words that describe Kimyan Law’s soundscapes and all produced using tiny little in-ear monitors. Maybe it’s that closeness to his music that helps him produce these mini-orchestral tunes. Anyway, enough words…dig in and listen to more of Mr. Law’s work.

Break presents Symmetry Sessions 2 – Symmetry Recordings – OUT NOW
Break’s Symmetry label follows up the success of Symmetry Sessions 1 with the second release with tunes from Mako, Need for Mirrors, HLZ and Detail & Against highlighting the compiliation. The badman tune for me is Atlas Shrugged. It’s a group effort from Break, Need for Mirrors, and HLZ that, simply put, belongs in the ultimate drum and bass steppers compilation. Totally firing! Not to be out-done, Mako takes a left turn compared to there rest of the compilation on the appropriately named, The Space in Between. If you purchase the vinyl release of the comp, you’ll get a drop card that includes the full digital release, plus Detail and Against’s deep and dark flavour on Probel Man. Not bad for a few bucks!

Survey – Chop Chop EP – Translation – OUT NOW
$5…that’s all it takes to get a copy of Translation’s newest bit from Berlin-based duo, Survey. Acting Post takes a bass cannon and aims it right at the fuckheads that act like they’re the baddest mans in the place. The EP’s eponymous track, Chop Chop, is a nasty two-stepper with roots in Germanic techno…relentless and daunting. Paperhands is a neurofunk joint that feels like it actually relieves the pressure built up by the first two tunes.

Pennygiles – Looking In EP – Tempo Records – OUT NOW
Rotterdam’s Tempo Records is putting out quality drum & bass tunes and all of them have been released on super-high quality 140g clear vinyl and Pennygiles work is no exception. Looking In, a track co-produced by Ed:It, is a tasty start with crisp breaks and a descending sub that tickles. I really enjoy Without Worry for it’s horns and house music sensibilities. As with most vinyl releases, if you grab it you get the digi-album for free.

AudioSketch – Resolution (Orig. & BCee Remix) – SoulTrader – OUT NOW
Speaking of tickling my house music sensibilities, Audiosketch, successfully melds and morphs them on Resolution. It reminds me of the type of liquid funk that was Hospital Records signature sound…smooth, tinkling rhodes piano work, guitars, and a sparkly vocal make me bite my lip and shake my head. West London’s SoulTrader Records scored a coup on their first release.

Double Helix – Engine EP – Ammunition – OUT NOW
Adrian and I are big fans of Double Helix. His first release on Deep Field Audio (Wellenkammer/Delusion) was one of the better neuro releases in 2013 and it helped elevate the Austrian label to new levels. This time Double Helix has left the nest (momentarily) and signed the Engine EP to Ammunition recordings. So good…

Digital – Catch A Fire EP – Function Records – DUE MID MAY
After a long time gone, Digital has returned with a vengeance. With multiple new EPs on Function (including that Dub Phizix Deadline Remix), Metalheadz, and a host of other collabs floating around, he seems to be hitting the streets with a full frontal assault. This time he’s dug down into the roots of dub and reggae as inspiration for his Catch A Fire EP. Named for Bob Marley’s famous quote, “At a time when more and more people are rejecting this system created and sustained by a corrupt political elite and greedy corporatocracy it seems we’re light years away from a solution – We say “Catch a fire – The tables are turning.” Very fitting given the vibe of the tunes. Give a listen and support Digital’s signature dub-like sound.

Fixate – Exit Records Mix for Radio1

It’s Saturday night at 11:44pm and I’m jamming the fuck out of this 18 day old Fixate mix for Radio1. Essentially ever tune on the mix by Chimpo is killing it, especially Haymaker and Who Run Tingz. Fixate’s mix is flawless and it’s just…fucking hell.

Now if I could just get a download of the whole thing.

Fixate – Alive [Exit]
SubMarine – 15 Knots [Bassliebe]
Chimpo – Haymaker [Exit]
Kid Drama – Versus #1 (ft Skeptical) [CNVX]
Fixate – N20 [Exit]
Skeptical – Delusions Of Granduer [Exit]
Fixate – Inside Dub [Dub]
Fracture x Moresounds – Dead & Bury [Astrophonica]
Chimpo & Trigga – Who Run Tingz [Dub]
Fixate & Hyroglifics – Daft [Dub]
Break vs Mad Hed City – 40Hurts (Sam Binga RMX) [Gutterfunk]
Fixate – Percussive Aggressive [Exit]
SubMarine – Whale War [Dub]
Fixate – Contemplate [Dub]
Mark System – Final Approach [Exit]
Calibre – Concrete [Exit]
Mark System – Pursuit [Exit]
Calibre – Stranger [Exit]
Chills – Goggin [Diffrent Dub]
Fixate – Throwback Therapy [Exit]
Chimpo & Fixate – Bun It [Exit]
Halogenix x Hyroglifics – Hallelujah [Dub]
Fracture – Overload [Exit]
Fixate – Sueno [Exit]
Rebel MC – Wickedest Sound (Om Unit Remix) [Dub]
Chimpo & Fixate – Dumb [Exit]
Hyroglifics – Delusions [Dub]
Fixate – System Malfunction [Diffrent]
Alix Perez – Gully Halves [Exit]
Amit – Manic Minor [Exit]
Om Unit – Pots N Pans [Dub]
Crypticz – Bubblegum [Dub]
Fixate – Molecules [Dub]

Tune of the week – Vaults ‘Lifespan’ (Spor remix)

I can’t stop listening to this Spor remix of Vaults. I’m so glad that he’s back in full force with DnB. Although, I really enjoyed his contribution to EDM via Feed Me, which was more like he took dubstep and EDM and made something else out of it, but I’m pumped to hear him going back to his roots.

Caligo was his re-debut into drum and bass and it’s killer.

Pay what you want for it or check it out here.

The album is already out, but you can get a glimpse of what to expect on his mini mix

Total Recall – Innovation in the Sun 2015 Promo Mix

Remember this vid making the rounds a few years ago?

That was recorded during the Innovation in the Sun event in 2011. The Innovation crew are headed back to Barcelona again for 2015 and just like in prior years the line-up is ridiculous. For seven days in June, the 23rd to the 30th, they’re going to be wrecking shop in Lloret De Mar with just about every drum and bass headliner available. They’ve even scheduled a bunch of fucking yacht parties. Unreal.

Below is Total Recall’s promo mix for Innovation in the Sun and to give you an idea of what to expect. You can find everything you need to know about Innovation in the Sun 2015 by clicking HERE.

TOTD – Decoder & Substance – Red

Bristol badman, Darren Decoder has long been a favorite of mine. From his days producing jungle under the alias of Orca on Lucky Spin, to the countless collaborations with Technical Itch, and the hugely successful work with Kosheen he’s always acquitted himself as a topflight producer. He’s also a good dude and absolutely hilarious, which is why I forgave him for breaking my sink off the wall in 1999, but that’s a story for another day.

He’s been running around the world with Kosheen for the last few years and has released several albums with that crew. Now he’s just put out a new single with Substance, Susie Ledge, and MC Jakes called Red on Technique Recordings. The original mix is a fresh return to a genre that Decoder and Substance know through and through. The two remixes by Kronology and Document One, respectively, are dedicated floor killers.

Decoder & Substance feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes – Red – OUT NOW


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